You Were Created with a Perfect Plan

Give Honor to the One That Created You

You were created from the DNA in a sperm and an egg. In His infinite wisdom and love of diversity, God made it possible for you to be unique by combining different genes from your mother and your father. God designed your DNA to be nourished with micronutrients. It is easy to accomplish even with a poor diet when you are the size of a pea. As you grow you require more micronutrients. Most pregnancy related complications can be avoided with a micronutrient dense diet.

Health Stewardship is the Way

Now that you are a full size adult, nothing has changed except the increased need for micronutrients. And of course to avoid as many man-made poisons as possible. Our amazing creator made plants to change the energy in the sun and the minerals and nutrients in soil into life promoting food.
There will never be proof to satisfy the naysayers, only many, many, accounts where disease is reversed.

Read books on Whole Food Plant Based Nutrition to keep or regain your health. Avoid man-made and processed foods that cause disease. Avoid salt, oils and sugar, which bog down the system of health that God created. Study to maintain your freedom from fear and manipulation from the medical establishment that profits off your obeisance.

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God bless you, richly as He has promised!