Things That Interfere and Things That Overcome in Homebirth

I have seen girls turn into women before my eyes! It is a privilege to be invited into the most important event in a young woman's life. But most of all, I am happy to save a baby from being tortured by hospital protocols.

These are the things that may interfere with birth, especially a first birth:
  • Being rigid, in mind or body.
  • Feeling on the clock.
  • Feeling watched.
  • Not resting and sleeping through early labor.
  • Emotional problems with people at the birth.
  • Emotional baggage.
  • Fear, which is unbelief.
  • Malnutrition (the American Diet).
God gives you nine months to prepare for birth. Read everything you can and as many different perspectives as you can find. When it is all over, take responsibility for your decisions.  The most grown up thing you can do is be honest, at least with yourself.

These things may help overcome obstacles:

  • Eat the most micro-nutrient dense foods you can find!
  • Pray everyday and read something inspiring everyday.
  • Ask God to reveal your sins to you so you can repent and forgive.
  • Hire a supportive birth team.
  • Keep your first birth private.
  • Learn to relax.
  • Practice a variety of positions well before labor.
  • Squat, or sit on a birth ball, instead of slouching in a chair.
  • Pray for revelation about the things you don't know that you don't know.
Once Labor Begins:
  • Relax and rest between contractions.
  • Rest and sleep through early labor.
  • Use rhythm to get through this contraction.
  • Breathe deeply and slowly.
  • Be vocal, it really helps.
  • Design a peaceful birth place.
  • Do not have spectators. If someone is not helping, they should leave the premises.
I found Ronnie Facoa's policy very helpful, too: